Hailing from Denmark, this is Selina Gin’s first solo official release since the demise of her band, Nelson Can, in early 2020. ‘Deep Blue’ is the first single from an album that will be released in two parts later in 2021. It’s a light and shade track that slow burns into life with a swirling soundscape and gentle acoustic guitar. This smouldering ballad shows off Gin’s ability to hold low notes with a quiet intensity and then allow her voice to unfold; adding harmonies, a doubled-octave line and then turn up the power for a crescendo finale. Selina Gin can command power and grace (and I have heard her sing her way through concrete) but ‘Deep Blue’ requires a delicate touch as it was written in the fallout from an argument with her boyfriend “One of those rows when you just wanna tear the living room apart and scream: “You don’t see me, you don’t listen to me”…at the same time you also yearn to make amends because you obviously don’t wanna hurt the one you love‘Deep Blue’ is a sort of reconciliation song you can put on when you’re trying to say sorry”. All those mixed emotions of longing, reflection and a heavy heart are deftly conveyed in the song with a real sense of empathy.

Since seeing them live in 2017, Nelson Can have held a special place in my musical heart. A 3-piece that were always more than the sum of their parts built on a huge sound forged with just bass, drums, and vocals. Since the split, and to shine some light into the pandemic, Gin allowed fans to create songs from stems of her unfinished songs and Nelson Can did the same with the Solo Desire: Remixed Desire project which spawned 6 volumes of fan remixes. But ‘Deep Blue’ demonstrates that Selina Gin will never have to worry about sitting in the shadow of her former band, she has brought us a stellar first track to officially launch a solo career and one that signals an exciting new chapter in her life.

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Review by Paul F Cook

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