‘Some may say that you are…

only interested in one thing…

that’s to get your own way…’

Finger Pies‘ by Anika, released on Sacred Bones Records/Invada Records

Ahead of a new album released in late July, the multitalented, German/British musician, poet, journalist and DJ Annika Henderson – A.K.A. Anika – has released a single, ‘Finger Pies’ on Sacred Bones Records/Invada Records; her first solo, single project in eight years.  Right from the off, the composition of the music is captivating and draws the listener in; aided skilfully by a catchy bassline, an alluring keyboard pad and pinpoint percussion. Anika’s voice is also compelling and effortlessly glides along with the melodies. In short, everything here hooks you in and makes you want to hear more – always a positive sign. In fact, whilst engaging in some fruitful research, I did start to wonder if Anika is capable of producing anything that isn’t of a very high standard and capable of nodding one’s head in respectful appreciation.

Concerning her new single, Anika says, ‘There a lot of stuff I want to change. Some things I sat down and decided last year that I had to change about myself and my life. Sometimes, it feels helpless because the things we want to change are so huge and out of our control. Starting with yourself is always a good place. I think we can change’.

The end result is both immensely likeable and listenable; simply one of those piece of music where, when you feel it’s coming to an end, the natural instinct is to stop what you’re doing and return the music back to the begin, to repeat the experience.

The video is directed by Sven Gutjahr, whose collaborative credits include Versace and Holly Herndon. Anika and Sven had actually been living at the same apartment building in Neukölln, Berlin during 2017, yet surprisingly they had never met. However, the intevention of fate and a bunch of people sat around a table nearly four thousand miles away changed all that, bringing them together to work on the ‘Finger Pies’ video.

Having also heard the delicious title track from the forthcoming album, Change (her first solo album in eleven years), I’m personally looking forward to hearing much more from this immensely talented musician. An absolute joy to the ears.

‘Finger Pies’ is taken from the album Change which is due for release on 23rd July via Invada Records / Sacred Bones.
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Review by Kev Milsom

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