I first heard Run Logan Run (RLR) when they appeared at the leftfield music night Sonic Imperfections that used to be held in South London at the now defunct Montague Arms (and is now an excellent radio show on Resonance FM hosted by musician Nigel Bryant). I was smitten from the first number. Some may shrink away from the idea of semi-improvised saxophone and drums, but I can assure you that you don’t so much listen to RLR as experience them. This is especially impressive as there are only two members of the band making this immense sound. Andrew Neil Hayes is like Prospero on his tenor sax; commanding the elements to whip up storms of layered notes via his looper and multi-effects pedals and Matt Brown who is a cultured Caliban, pounding out immense beats one moment and then creating flurries of hailstone runs of across the kit the next.

‘Screaming with the Light On’ is the first single from forthcoming album For A Brief Moment We Could Smell The Flowers which is released in September. The video accompanying this is directed by Chris Lucas and gives a fantastic glimpse into the power of the band. The camera makes full use of the warehouse space it was filmed in, with slow spins around the band (featuring guest bassist Chris Jones), low angles, static shots, and vibration to enhance the excitement of the music. This is telepathy and syncopation, form and flow and shows what Run Logan Run does so well: make music that has cohesion despite a seat-of-the-pants feel. I don’t think they have invented the box that you can put them in and I can’t wait to smell the flowers in September.

You can pre-order For A Brief Moment We Could Smell The Flowers here and you will automatically get to download ‘Screaming with the Light On’.

Run Logan Run socials: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube | Forthcoming live dates here

Review by Paul F Cook

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