‘Some Sunny Day’ is the first release from Lloyd Taylor-Clark’s forthcoming album Swan Songs. Taylor-Clark is a native of the rural East Midlands but relocated to London and then Bend, Oregon in 2020. The the album was put together as a set of demos informed by the striking contrast in the two locations. But I get ahead of myself.

‘Some Sunny Day’ is a languid song that has a lighter than air buoyancy to it and if it wasn’t for the drums keeping it rooted then if might float off into the ether. I like the fact that although the track has been expertly polished by Taylor-Clark’s friend Nathan from Hermitage Works Studios it has retained delightful imperfections from the demo process. It has the acoustic authenticity of all bedroom recordings with ambient sound leaking in to fill the spaces between the skating guitars, percussion and Lloyd Taylor-Clark’s stress-free vocal delivery.

Lloyd Taylor-Clark’s forthcoming album, Swan Songs, will be released on 17 September through Demo Records which is run by Ana Alves, a musician herself who records as anrimeal, and whose album Could Divine, Remembered I reviewed for Joyzine back in May. It’s apparent that she doesn’t just have a great ear for her own music but also for other talented artists like Lloyd Taylor Clark.

‘Some Sunny Day’ is a cool breeze born from the dry warmth of Oregon meeting the verdant English countryside. It’s like a home-brewed beer: a heady concoction that may cause some light-headedness and a joyous sense of stupefaction. But this intoxication is a welcome embrace and leaves me wondering what other delights Lloyd Taylor-Clark has distilled for the forthcoming album. So I say bottle it, slap ‘Drink Me’ on the label and ship a case to my address.

Lloyd Taylor-Clark socials: Bandcamp (where you can pre-order the album) | Instagram | YouTube

Review by Paul F Cook

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