Media Giant are a box fresh new band; just out of shrink wrap and ‘Afraid of the Dark’ is their first release. It is destined to be a hit and I know this to be an inalienable fact because their press release states: “At Media Giant, we care about you – that’s why we’ve used extensive market research and scientific analysis to determine what makes a hit. ‘Afraid of the Dark’ is our initial offering, and our studies suggest you will enjoy it’s driving, danceable rhythm and relatable lyrical content.

‘Afraid of the Dark’ is a slightly spiky, nervous kind of funk that has a warm centre, like being wrapped in a super-plush, but slightly electrified, duvet. Think Remain in Light-era Talking Heads, a more chilled Gang of Four or, more recently, Stats. It’s a rolling boil of a track with big drums and even bigger harmonies. It’s a hands-in-the-air, grab-a-megaphone, shout-from-the-hilltops kind of track. I always liked the 1980’s intersection between punk and funk where musicianship was growing and all the anger of growing consumerism/hedonism became taut and more focused. If they’re not careful then Media Giant could find their infectious funk leads to band name becoming nominative determinism.

Media Giant on Twitter

Review by Paul F Cook
Photograph by Victor Watts

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