Single Review: Jekyll – Catherine Wheel

You can’t beat it. It’s just a wonderful feeling to have discovered a band. A proper band. With big ambitions, huge choruses, massive intentions. A band that you can believe in. That you can have fun with. A band that will swallow you whole and spit you back out into the world all the better for having been engulfed in such a glorious sound. Jekyll make all of this seem so easy but I know it’s not.

Jekyll are getting better with each new release, from their Muse-inspired beginnings to this monstrous slab of glory, the future looks very bright indeed. Written by lead singer Joel Foster, produced by Andy Gannon and released by Fierce Panda, “Catherine Wheel” spins into life on a hushed Bowie-esque acoustic strum before a stomping, stormy tarantella beat pins you against the wall and starts rifling through your pockets, while the soaring vocal sings of regret and lost chances ‘I only shut my eyes for a while, when they opened, so much life had passed me by’ he sings as the storm builds around him, crashing relentlessly like waves against the defenceless rocks until ‘my last chance has passed me by’, sung in high falsetto bringing the song to a stage whisper as the storm has passed and all is calm and we are changed. I have to say the production on this song is superb and so sympathetic to the essence of the band, capturing their potential perfectly.

On the strength of this, and their previous song “Tear Ourselves In Two” this band should be huge, and if the album proves to be as good I’m pretty sure they will be. Well done lads, keep it up.

Catch Jekyll live at the following dates:
MON 4 OCTOBER | THE VICTORIA, DALSTON LONDON (fierce panda + Disorder + Radio Fandango presents…Pandemicamonium (+ Polarized Eyes))

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Review by Andrew Wood

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