Loa and Koan have released a new version of their track ‘J.P. And The End of the World’ remixed by fellow musician Anders Trentemøller. The original had a bouncier beat, some computer game trills and a great string arrangement and Trentemøller has kept the strings but drawn out a more wistful side to the original, allowing a more melancholic mood to inhabit the track.

Talking about the remix Anders Trentemøller says: “It’s seldom that I remix nowadays where my focus is on my own music and when I eventually do, I like to just use the vocals from the original track and henceforth build a new song around the vocals. In regard to this one, Loa & Koan had some pretty rad strings that I just had to keep. The rework took the song in a new direction”.

Apologies to non-UK readers but most people who have just enjoyed a Bank Holiday weekend are A) confused as to which day of the week it actually is and B) have a slow sadness from being back at work plus the residual pollution of yesterday’s hangover. The feeling of ‘J.P. And The End of the World’ will be in perfect synchronous orbit with anyone’s post-holiday ennui. With its dark swelling synth chords and those lush strings behind Loa Esaia’s sorrowful, but beautiful, voice this is remix that does what a good remix should: shines a spotlight into the soul of a song, keeps enough DNA for a familial match but creates a new track that demonstrates the remixer’s respect for the original while creating an elegant new version (see also ReadyMade FC’s remix of David Sylvian’s ‘Fire In The Forest’).

The video, edited by Loa Esaia, features dancer Jennie Thomasson who also shot the footage.

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Review by Paul F Cook

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