Interview: Anarcho-Musician Lynks on the campaign to save The Rising Sun co-op from developers

Lynks (anarcho musician) and John Clay (director/author) continue to chronicle the resistance of The Rising Sun Collective’s Co-op against developers to keep their home in a converted pub in Nunhead, South-East London. This second and vital instalment of interviews covers the rehearsal and recording facilities available at the pub turned home. (Part one can be read here on God Is In The TV, with further instalments to come on similarly ace blogs and webzines)

‘If you’re keen to give to the community then that makes all the difference. That being said, we’ve met people when they are out and about and we’ve thought ‘hey, you seem cool, come in!’’ – Lynks 

John Clay: The Rising Sun offers free rehearsal space to musicians, a rarity. Tell us more about that and how it’s sustainable?

Lynks: The reason it’s sustainable is that we’re not a traditional rehearsal space. If you’re Pirate Studios or whatever you have costs. We however are a house, so as long as we’re all happy with great music being played a few times a week then, yeah, sure, come along. Of course if you break something then you’ve got to replace it. Aside from covering that most basic of costs then yeah, come along, use it. 

John Clay: Can you give assurances to people who may want to use the space as to how good the set up is?

Lynks: Well, I’m not gonna sit here and say we’ve got all the latest equipment! We’ve got a big PA and the rehearsal area is soundproofed. Nice decks, mixer, mics, a few amps and a drum kit – we’ve got the works, it’s great. We’ve got a desk and a recording studio as well. We try not to have them being used at the same time as it’s no good when you’re trying to record a whisper track and you’ve got a band playing next door! 

Scott Bowley in the Rising Sun studio

John Clay: So we’ve all been through that experience then?

Lynks: Oh yes, let me tell you! As a musician in the house I do have the occasional thing where I’m like, ‘I really wanna make music right now but, oh well,’ but it’s fine really. Having this set up isn’t all that difficult to do. Just a good electrical system really helps. We’ve got enough equipment to be a fully functioning studio which is an invaluable function for the local community. It’s cheaper than having to use a normal studio.

John Clay: Would you like to make what you’re doing more public as that may inspire more donations?

Lynks: We’re growing a really wonderful community in Nunhead, so the people nearby are our focus for now. I think at the moment it’s been the best way of running the space at the moment. If you’re keen to give to the community then that makes all the difference. That being said, we’ve met people when they are out and about and we’ve thought ‘hey, you seem cool, come in!’ Send us an email if you want to suggest ways you want to add to the community and help it grow. Whether that being just to give a donation or to share skills, it’s all good. Sometimes I think people mistake what a collectivist structure is. You can’t just come and take and not contribute.

Lynks – photograph by Tuuli Turunen

John Clay: That’s no big ask. If people that come along that wanna just take then that distorts how you all interact with each other and erodes the culture, right?

Lynks: We’ve had a bit of that. We’ve definitely had people who’ve used the space and we’ve been like, ‘Well, not next time’. Which I think is fine, y’know? You can provide a space but be like, ‘don’t be a dick’.

John Clay: How much have you got left to go in the campaign?

Lynks: We raised cash through our mortgage and through our loans from the CLH and Catalyst Collective. Grants and things, (plus the grant from the Mayor of London), eight hundred and seventy thousand, which is incredible. Currently, to get to our full asking price of one point one million we have about One hundred and thirty thousand to go. 

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