Video Premiere: The Scaramanga Six – An Error Occurred

The Scaramanga Six’s previous single ‘A Horse With No Face‘ so thoroughly chilled and thrilled Joyzine correspondent Andrew Wood that it led him to proclaim that “They should be hoisted high on our shoulders and paraded through the streets every year on what I am henceforth going to call Scaramanga Sunday.” And whilst we might be a little early in the week for that, we are nonetheless rejoicing at the opportunity to give you an exclusive first look at the video for their new track ‘An Error Occurred’, another densely-packed 3 and a half minutes of zig-zagging theatrical pronk rock guaranteed to delight and bemuse in equal measure.

Asked about the track, vocalist Stephen Morricone said, “There is defiance in drudgery it seems. Passive-aggressive cleaning routines, give the mirror a talking-to by all means but keep your head down and your big nose clean – that’ll show them. Amongst the cutlery drawer chaos, flecks of pride nestle alongside baked-on food particles.

One of the many things that we’ve always loved about the Huddersfield-based quartet (aside from the wilful numerical anomaly of their name) is their refusal to stand still. Throughout the nine studio albums that they’ve released since their formation in the mid-nineties there has been a relentless march forwards (and often sideways, diagonally and in meandering curves) searching for new sounds, and on the evidence of these first two tracks, their tenth, Worthless Music (due for release on 3rd December via Wrath Records), will continue this foraging trend.

Speaking of the album, Steven said, “Music is worthless. The Six have known this for a very long time but yet still persist, bloody in mind and nose. Embracing relative obscurity for a more comfortable life. Double, triple and quadruple lives. As irrelevant now as when (we) first formed back in the mid 90’s. Stoic and resolute.

‘An Error Occurred’ is available now as a digital download via Bandcamp

Find out more about The Scaramanga Six on their official website

Article by Paul Maps

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