‘Never Be The One’ is the second single from Selina Gin’s forthcoming EP. After the rise and fall of previous release ‘Deep Blue’, this single shows a more delicate side to the steel vocal chord power she has demonstrated in past releases, and in her former band Nelson Can and she says about the song:

I was at a point in my life where everything was out of balance, and I was very stressed out. I didn’t sleep at night and almost became a monster during the day. The things I felt and said came out uglier and harsher than I intended. ‘Never Be the One’ deals with the permanent position of defence you put yourself in when trying to protect yourself. But in reality, you only end up hurting the ones close to you, even though they’re just trying to help”.

‘Never Be The One’ definitely evokes the feeling of being up late at night, trapped in the dreamlike fog insomnia can cause; running over every decision, every personal interaction and ultimately getting into a fugue state that paralyses you. Selina Gin’s voice is the focus as it drifts over an sympathetic but unobtrusive guitar and bass. Gin is expert at doubling the main vocal with an octave line as well as drawing out subtle harmonies which, in this song, are beautiful and yet strangely unsettling. On the strength of the this and ‘Deep Blue’ I am on tenterhooks for the EP which should be out in November.

Links to stream Selina Gin’s tracks are here.

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Review by Paul F Cook

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