Single Review: Marko Nyberg – Ingrid

‘When life calls, listen’

Individual reasons behind choosing a project to review are varied. Sometimes, it’s the force of the music, or perhaps a certain energy within the vocals. At other times, the backstory behind what has created the musical piece becomes a dominant and magnetic factor, encouraging listeners to want to know more.

Such is the case with the new solo project from Husky Rescue founder,  Marko Nyberg. 

Marko has a prolific curriculum vitae within the musical field and his multiple film score credits, listed on IMDb, stack up all the way back to 2009. However, his latest single stems from highly personal sources.

A few years back Nyberg’s heart stopped beating. He had suffered from severe cardiac arrhythmia for more than a decade meaning that his heart would beat with an irregular rhythm for six days a week. In January 2015, Nyberg was scheduled for a catheter ablation, a procedure in which tissue is removed with an electrical current to terminate a faulty electrical pathway in the heart. An ablation carries the risk of destroying the main pathway as a result of the current. However, Nyberg was too busy to be lying on an examination table; there was music to finish, and projects to promote. He asked his cardiologist whom he should see about his condition. “The mirror,” he said. “Maybe it is time to think about yourself for a change.’

Four years later, medical technology procedures had improved to the point where Nyberg felt more confident. The operation was successful and Nyberg felt that his life could now restart with the knowledge that health issues were put to one side. 

Nyberg then began to reconstruct his life. Wanting to stay close to his family, he planned to replace his garage with a music studio. Eighteen months later, Nyberg received a building permit for the studio and immediately called his father to tell him the good news. Sadly, it was the last conversation they would ever have. With the passing of his father, and the birth of a new creative space, Nyberg’s new solo project was born, helping him to explore the intricacies of life, loss, science and art. And, in the process, help him to live again.

And so to the new single, “Ingrid”. The press release describes this musical piece thus: ‘Combining neoclassical with techno, the music embodies a secret knowledge of geometrical forms and post-apocalyptic buzzes, all wrapped in the beauty conjured up through the use of a live string ensemble. Nyberg’s new project is multidisciplinary, tapping into contemporary dance and abstract video art, with a series of videos and short films to be delivered alongside the music.’

It’s certainly a beautiful piece of music and it’s clear that much thought and time has gone into its concept and performance. A sombre piano begins proceedings against the slightest of string accompaniment. Further strings break through, reminiscent of a sunrise attempting to break through steadfast clouds, as more electronic noises join the ensemble; the piano keeping us grounded with melody and connecting everything together. The strings and electronic background becomes stronger, before giving way to the constant piano sequence. 

As someone who delights in and uses relaxation/meditation music every day, it certainly ticks all my boxes and has opened the door to hearing the back catalogue of Mr Nyberg. A stunning piece of music; one with which to contemplate the world around us and our precise position within it.

“Ingrid” is out now. Find out more about Marko Nyberg on his official website.

Review by Kev Milsom

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