‘Home Video’ is the new single by The Mary Veils and it’s a glorious, bone-shaking ride over cobblestones; a 3-minute firestorm of punk-joy with lacerating guitar propelling this song from 0-60 like a drag racer that forgot to pack a parachute. It judders and vibrates with frenetic energy and the cry of “home video” that is repeated throughout the song will have audience with heads back, howling along and arms waving in the air. The vocals sound like someone has placed layers of sandpaper in front of the microphone and then used the same sandpaper to go at the final mix so that nothing is too pristine, and everything sounds scuffed, raw and grittily perfect.

The Mary Veils started out as the solo project of Brian Von Uff but has now flexed into a full band with Evan Wall on drums, Drew Mann on guitar and Justin Mansor on bass. ‘Home Video’ was one of a set of tracks forged in their first sessions together and Von Uff says it was “the first song we ever played together at the very first practice we had in this line up. It just came to us in that way you hope all songs come to you and immediately felt complete. It was the nod we needed to know that this could work. It made sense to us that this song should be the first release.

Once again Stockholm label PNKSLM have panned for gold and not come up empty handed. Not surprising as these are the fine people who have brought us acts like ShitKid, Chemtrails, Black Mekon, Cherry Pickles, Sudakistan and many more. Philadelphia’s The Mary Veils fit right into this roster and this pell-mell slice of power-punk bodes well for the forthcoming EP Over the Rowhome out on 5 November.

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Review by Paul F Cook

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