Single/Video Review: Stash Magnetic – Our Blood

Having been coaxed over to the UK by producer Adrian Sherwood, Ohio duo Stash Magnetic have collaborated with the London DIY music scene’s favourite director (and occasional Joyzine interviewer) John Clay on the video for new single ‘Our Blood’, released this month.

An 8 minute epic of gothic darkwave and ominous post-punk, the track’s electronic pulses, wailing guitar and vocal incantations are matched perfectly by a multi-layered visual feast that draws on elements of dystopian sci-fi and classic horror with lightning flashes, rolling fog, desolate cityscapes and hands pushing up through the soil, all cast in shades of deep purple. Silhouettes and extreme close-ups of the duo’s faces are overlaid with sparks, smoke and shots of branches, thunder clouds and bare earth, contrasting the crumbling urban landscape with the elemental forces of nature. The mystical air is upped further with shots of light refracted through a crystal ball, and he application of ritualistic face paint markings to unidentified faces.

It’s a song and a video that invites your interpretation. “Everything has spirit. Everything has meaning. Everything has power and voice, this is the basis of energy,” intones vocalist Rebecca Magnetic, her eyes set ever upwards towards the opening of the strange capsule-like building in which the band appear to be housed – whether this is their prison or their shelter is unclear. While the chorus’ mantra of “Our blood runs together” sounds as much a universal call for harmony and collective action as it does an invitation to a suicide cult.

It’s one of those audio-visual experiences that offers up something new with every watch, so multiple viewings are recommended – you can make a start below.

WARNING: Contains flashing images

Article by Paul Maps

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