Book Review: Stories We Tell Our Children by Marc Nash

Marc Nash is the author of 6 previous novels. This book is a collection of short stories that builds into true dark fiction. It’s ideal for these autumnal evenings as the dark nights set in. They made me smile, shudder, and want to run from the written truths of what we do to our children. I am a lover of books of all types and agree with the author’s creation ‘Little Eric’ that books are always better than films. His insights include viewing the seaside Punch and Judy as akin to video games where people die. This volume may shift your view of childhood literature.

I laughed out loud at the author’s plea not to stifle your child’s imagination when they choose to play with items from the bathroom bin. No plot spoilers as to what the item was but I would strongly recommend that they empty their bin on a regular basis. He reminds us that in our early parenting choices we may set the long term career path of our little ones. That path may not be what we think they should do but we set the wheels in motion all the same. For any teacher who has planned a nativity play or winter term activity there is a glorious representation of the unpredictable nature of trying to teach lines, and the anxiety of being the parent of ‘that’ child. It’s not just the stress that comes with school productions, being involved with helping them choose ‘A’ level subjects are equally challenging. Having been through that process Marc’s depictions made me giggle. We take our little divas to dance classes and the like, but perhaps this is just another example of the pushy parent that can be seen at most junior football matches

The book has been written by an author who is intelligent, an acute observer of our society, well read and loves his art. Combined with the ability to make you smile and cringe on occasion, it’s a job well done.

Trigger warnings for infant loss, death, sexual abuse and suicide

Stories We Tell Our Children by Marc Nash is out now, published by Lendel Press. Order your copy here.

Find out more about Marc Nash on the Sulci Collective website.

Review by Carolyn Batcheler

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