‘blue sunday’ is the new single from stores (the lower case is all theirs, not a fault with my keyboard) a duo made up of Hannah Brown on vocals and bass and Sam Warren on vocals and guitar with some help from Zack Smith on drums and Daniel West on organ. ‘blue sunday’ and previous release ‘bones’ are the culmination of two years of jamming and writing together. They have not rushed into anything, taking time to scope out what works and what didn’t (including a brief incarnation as a seven-piece) and they say “The songs started to emerge in dreamlike fashion, little snippets of old melodies and chord progressions emerging after months and years spent swimming around in their respective subconsciouses, lyrics just mumbled at first, gradually gestating into something intriguingly cryptic”.

The song is a trip on a lazy river that, within one guitar stab, turns into a tumble of white-water. Brown and Warren sing in tenor/alto unison like musically conjoined twins and their voices are so close they set up a gratifying harmonic resonance, like setting off two, almost identical, tuning forks, and this is helped by great use of stereo that sends the bass right down the middle with drums, voice and guitar roiling in the left and right channels. The band sing “back and forth, like a lonely wanderer with a legless horse, take a moment to make your move” and given that they are sitting on enough material for an EP and beyond, I look forward to many more glorious moves to come.

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Review by Paul F Cook

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