‘The Fuzz Guitar’ is the new single release from London band The Pink Diamond Revue, and it does what it says on the tin by peppering the track with heaps of lacerating razorblade fuzz from a multitude of riffs and overdriven bar chords and the whole thing is laced up tight with an unyielding clatter of drums that splash their way throughout, lurching slightly but always on target. The track sits somewhere between the indie fuzz of Carter USM, Link Ray and 1990s Big Beat such as ‘Sweet Pea’ by Soul Hooligan and it also features the kind of repetitive 1950’s B-Movie spoken word pronouncements that make the track hot enough to thaw a cold war.

The Pink Diamond Revue are fronted by the taciturn AcID DoL (“a model from another dimension”) and include Tim Lane on guitar and Rob Stock on drums and their mash up of concept, fashion, art, and music is both audacious and alluring (they did have the bravado to sample the harpsichord intro of TV series ‘The Persuaders’ on ‘Weird Love’ and get away with it). ‘The Fuzz Guitar’ is taken from their forthcoming album release A NEW KIND OF LIFE, out in December this year and “tells the story of AcID DoL going missing during lockdown”. This single is an enormous chrome-finned Cadillac with buzz saw blades for wheels gliding on cruise control looking for a sign that says’ Death Race 2000 this way’.

The Pink Diamond Revue socials: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Website | Bandcamp

The Pink Diamond Revue live dates:

October 22nd Space Mountain Festival, Spain

October 30th South Street Arts Centre, Reading

October 31st Hare and Hounds, Birmingham

Review by Paul F Cook

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