Project CONCUBINE’s new single ‘Heart Train’ is a brooding track that pulsates like the heart it references, and if you heard it in a film soundtrack you would be expecting something wicked to come your way; that and the opening line “Terror is my name”. The band are Jera Diarc (vocals, synths, guitar) and Hanja Martes (synths and electronics) who say they are more a “state of mind” rather than a band and claim ‘New Posh’ as their genre.

‘Heart Train’ is a subterranean journey with only a flickering torch to guide your way with the flames giving you an uneasy sense that the walls are moving. This is highlighted by deep, ever-shifting electronic washes and beats which seem to translate tectonic activity into the percussive backing on the track. Jera Diarc’s resonant voice seems to come from deep within the Earth’s core, as alluring as it is menacing, and armed with the repeated dark incantation “Tonight I gonna wear your heart as a crown”.

I saw Project CONCUBINE live recently at The Amersham Arms, promoted by TrustTheDoc, and they are a commanding presence on stage, and if you have ever wondered what would happen if you crossed a Black Mass with Alice in Wonderland then look no further. They are as resolute as granite and the kind of frightening you can’t help but run towards. They are an art installation for your soul, and ‘Heart Train’ seems to have come to us from an alternate history where Jim Morrison is performing with the On-U Sound System at a cabaret show in 1920’s Weimer Republic Germany. Buy your ticket for the heart train now.

NB: They have also been interviewed for Tom Robinson’s excellent website FreshOnTheNet*

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*FreshOnTheNet is a great site to check out for both music fans as well as musicians. They are a lot of articles about new and emerging artists, advice for bands, and every week the public gets to vote for their favourite 5 tracks out of 25 on the Listening Post, the winners of which make it into the ‘Fresh Faves’.

Review by Paul F Cook

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