EP Premiere: New Myths – All The Shiny Things

New York new wave power trio New Myths release their new EP All The Shiny Things tomorrow, five tracks of blistering alt rock taking as much influence from bands on this side of the Atlantic as from 90s US grunge bands and the rich punk rock heritage of their home city – give this sleek collection a few listens and you’ll spot glimpses of Elastica, Siouxie & The Banshees and perhaps most notably Garbage, who of course straddle both countries themselves. These trans-Atlantic touchpoints make for an intriguing mix – bright power pop guitars, dark washes of synth, retro girl group backing vocals behind a curled lip lead – that has won them acclaim on both sides of the pond.

We’re delighted to bring you the chance to listen to the full EP ahead of its full release tomorrow.

“We just really wanted to have some fun with this EP, and explore a heavier rock sound, which is closer to how we sound live,” explain the band. “We let loose and really leaned into something more upbeat, which is what we all had been moving towards since our last album release. We laughed (a lot) while recording in upstate NY with our producer Seth Glassman, and played around, while maintaining a sound that still made us want to go out and kick some doors down. We wanted to create something that we had all been looking to listen to but couldn’t exactly find, and had a really fucking good time in the process.”

All The Shiny Things is out on Friday 12th November – pre-save on Spotify

They play a launch show at New York’s TV Eye on 18th November – Tickets

Find out more on New Myths’ official website (warning, flashing images)

Article by Paul Maps

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