Track by Track: It’s Karma It’s Cool guide us through their new LP ‘Homesick For Our Future Destinations’

Lincoln-based indie rock quartet It’s Karma It’s Cool released their second album Homesick for Our Future Destinations this month via Kool Kat Musik. It’s a spacious, philosophical piece that melds spacey psychedelia, the occasional moment of proggy excess and a hearty dose of poppy alt rock that at turns draws influence from both sides of the Atlantic, bringing to mind both REM and XTC.

We caught up with the band for a track by track guide to the record.


Instrumental introduction that sets the scene for the following song and album. Creates a mood and invites you in. Younger brother to the album’s closing instrumental.

All Branches Break In Time

Has an almost cinematic feel to it, a movie within a song. The trials of growing up and surviving in this modern world. Life and death and everything between. We knew early on that it would have to be one of the first songs on the album. We allowed it to go wherever it needed to go in order to tell its story. 

Wild Fire Flames

Another song that follows the theme of growing up and looking back. A little sad, I guess. If only we could turn the clocks back. Martyn brought that sweet guitar part to the rehearsal room, the song just flowed from that. I name check places where I actually grew up, so autobiographical in parts. An anthem for our best years.

Absent Transient

The persistence of time and how transient we all are. Everything has its moment, but it’s all so fleeting. Danny hits the drums like Schwarzenegger’s Terminator is after you; robotic, unstoppable. Mikey plays a bass earworm that will be with you for days, if not weeks.

Playing Brave

I think this was one of the first songs we wrote for the record. A song about an abusive relationship, or situation. Putting a brave face on for the world, whilst falling to pieces on the inside. Staying for the fear of leaving. A song about being strong and believing in yourself. Knowing things just have to get better.

Dream Big, Little Giant

About a child just starting out on their journey, with everything ahead of them. A song of innocence, before this world has its way. A song of possibilities and reaching for the furthest stars. We lose something very important as adults that we never get back.

She Slept With The Radio On

I guess it’s about how powerful music can be in someone’s life. A song can take you back in time to a place you’d almost forgotten. It can be an escape, a doorway to the past. The woman in the song is listening to Elvis, and remembering better days. She believes she was Elvis’s wife. I don’t believe her. 

Coffee Cup Circles

A blast of adrenaline. A caffeine overdose. The only thing left behind were their coffee cup circles to cry over. The band play a storm on this one; when played live, it threatens to explode.

Holy Toledo!

A water song; about the ocean and learning to swim. Water is used often in songwriting to signify emotion.  

Guest On A TV Talk Show

I guess it’s about the media, not just television, bombarding us 24 hours a day with such negativity and trash. It is constant and it is designed to wear us down to the point of surrender. They do a good job. The song’s about escaping into sleep, and living an alternate life through dreams and imagination. Creating your own world, free of the perpetual broadcasting that can really make you believe the world is coming to an end. It’s not. We had Gabby Porter join us for backing vocals on this one, she brings the song to life. 

Universe and Us

A song about enduring a panic attack, whilst looking up at the midnight sky. Feeling insignificant. Counting the stars. Wondering what the hell it’s all about. The more questions you ask, the more there are to answer. It’s also about swimming with sharks and holding your breath.

Future Destinations

Older brother to the album’s opener. Setting sights on horizons new and all our future destinations. See you there…

Homesick For Our Future Destinations is out now on Kool Kat Musik

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Interview by Paul Maps

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