The Songs That Made Us: Subliminal Girls pick the tracks that influenced their music as they gear up for their first new release since 2008

Few bands have featured so regularly within these pages as Subliminal Girls in the mid-late noughties. Formed from the ashes of Joyzine favourites Rhesus, Ciccone and The Video Club in 2006, they released a string of sparkling indie disco singles, including an ultra limited double a-side of ‘Self Obsession Is An Art Form’ and their cover of Duran Duran’s ‘Hungry Like The Wolf’ in 2008 which included original artwork by Stuart Semple and entered the record books as the most expensive single release of all time, retailing at a bargain £1,500 per copy. According to the band “Two records were sold via high end art galleries in NYC and London before the remaining stock was seized by Gloucestershire Constabulary as part of a major art fraud investigation following the art dealers ‘Opus Art’ who were selling the record, and who have subsequently fled to France.

They split up not long after, before reforming, splitting up again and then making a second return in 2018, threatening the release of a new EP, Vanity Project, which is now finally set to see the light of day with a 10″ vinyl release through Semple’s new GIGANTIC Records imprint, with a launch show at Giant in Bournemouth planned for 11th December (details & tickets here).

We caught up with the band and their associates to ask them about the new EP and find out about the music that inspires them.

Jim Rhesus

What is your association with Subliminal Girls?

I am the singer of Subliminal Girls. It has pretty much shaped my life since 2006 when we decided to form the band.

Which three songs have helped to shape your life?

Carter USM – Anytime Any Place Anywhere: This is the track that made me think “I want to do this”. Maybe I could see these guys live one day… thank you Fruitbat and Jim, for everything. This band taught me about lyrical genius. I will always strive towards Carter USM.

Black Star Riders – Bound for Glory: “Desperation always tells a story”

The Velvet Underground & Nico – I’ll Be Your Mirror: For teaching me that it’s ok to put a bit of romance in to stuff.

Danny Le Pelley

What is his association with Subliminal Girls?

Plays bass, writes songs, doesn’t do interviews.

Which song has helped shapoe his life?

Pink Floyd – Another Brick in the Wall part 2: The song the Danny and Jim first struck up a discussion about and lead to the formation of their first band, Dizzy Moth.

Nicky Biscuit

What is your association with Subliminal Girls?

I play synthesizer in Subliminal Girls. It’s certainly been a journey of ups and downs since 2006!

Which three songs have helped to shape your life?

Broder Daniel – The Middleclass: Taught me that however a song starts and what you think it’s going to be about it, it always ends up being about girls, nostalgia, and love!

Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart: I was once on a mission to own every version of this song ever released, I got pretty close. There’s nothing about this that isn’t a perfect pop song.

Lloyd Cole & The Commotions – Rattlesnakes: Whimsy, references, a killer chorus, this song set me on a songwriting path for life. Lloyd always seems terribly overlooked when it comes to genius songwriters for some reason. Nice chap and a big Chelsea FC fan, so can’t fault him in my book.

Arran Goodchild

What is your association with Subliminal Girls?

Their lack of ability to program a drum machine. And they’re my friends.

Which three songs have helped to shape your life?

‘The Littlest Hobo Theme’ and ‘Tears of a Clown’ by Smokey Robinson & The Miracles from my youth.

Anna Von Hausswolff – The Truth The Glow The Fall: Always be inspired by a song you hear today.

Jimmy Two Shoes

What is your association with Subliminal Girls?

I am the lead guitarist

Which three songs have helped to shape your life?

Dizzy Moth – Halfway to Heaven: It was the first song I learned in a band and it remains one of the greatest rock and roll songs nobody has heard.
(And sadly will remain so as no online recording is available)

The Eagles – One of these Nights: Because it’s The f**King Eagles

Art Brut – These Animal Menswear: Saved me from a life I was 15 years too early for… No Art Brut no Subliminal Girls.

Steve Horry

What is your association with Subliminal Girls?

I produced and mixed the new single, and have been friends with them for longer than I’m going to admit to here.

How do you feel about the new EP?

Relieved it’s finally out! We recorded this aaaaages ago, in the magnificent Dean Street Studios thanks to the kindness of the equally magnificent Keith TOTP. The vinyl shortage/delay problem is a very real thing. It’s a reminder of an excellent day in an excellent place with excellent people.

Which three songs have helped to shape your life?

The Harry J Allstars – Liquidator: When I was in my very early teens the first music I really got obsessed with was old Trojan Records stuff. I nicked a load of tapes from my parents collection and this is one of the first songs I remember sticking on repeat.

Suede – The Wild Ones: It’s a perfect song and recording. Not a note is out of place, the performances are immaculate. They’re the band that made me accept that being a weirdo was an ok place to be.

Kelis – Good Stuff: It’s the beat. Minimalist genius, amazing production, amazing pop. This is the record that made me want to get into recording, into production. Even now, there are so many techniques I use that I learnt directly from picking apart this record. Yes, even when producing guitar music.

Stuart Semple

What is your association with Subliminal Girls?

I’m not only their biggest fan I’m lucky enough to have collaborated with them on and off over the years and have the privilege of releasing their new music on my Gigantic Records label

Which three songs have helped to shape your life?

Pulp – Razzamataz: When it came out it finally felt like someone was speaking about my life, and through it I started to cultivate a love for contemporary art.

REM – The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight: Kicked me off writing poetry.

New Order – Blue Monday: The inspiration that maybe one day I’d have a label and if it all went horribly wrong that could be a good thing.

Etienne Wulfric-Huguenot

What is your association with Subliminal Girls ?

Every now and then they pay me a meagre wage in exchange for my talents.

How do you feel about the new EP?

I’m not paid to feel.

Which three songshave helped to shape your life?

John Cage – 4’33: More bands should sound like this.

The KLF – Justifed & Ancient: But if they don’t, they should sound like this.

Hot Gossip – I Lost My Heart To A Starship Trooper: Or this

The new EP Vanity Project is available to pre-order now on GIGANTIC Records

Catch them live at the following shows:
11th December at Giant in Bournemouth with support from Dead Patrons and DJ sets by Alan McGee and Freeman – tickets here.
17th December at The Fighting Cocks in Kingston-Upon-Thames with The Fades, Silent Star and Dead Patrons – details here.

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Interview by Paul Maps

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