Live Review: The Kunts at Satan’s Hollow, Manchester

This gig was an absolute blinder from start to finish. The Kunts were supporting themselves and fans were out in force. It was one of those gigs where you have to describe the venue to get the ambiance. Satan’s Hollow in Manchester City is like something out of Disneyworld but for metalheads.

The entrance stairs are flanked by ticket sellers, security and hell-based paraphernalia. As you climb them you start to get a peep inside and then, ‘oomph’. The stage, a circular peninsular in the centre of the room is like some medieval fighting ring. Around it is the audience, milling about getting beers before the show. The shimmering Street Fighter 2 arcade game stands proud. I think it’s 40p for two goes if anyone wants to know. Then you look up and see the looming edifice of the beast himself. The Devil, Satan, tearing through the ceiling leering over everyone with an evil grin as they just tried to get on with their lives (he reminds me of someone actually).

The Kunts were all pumped, giving out Christmas cards to anyone that wanted them featuring our current leader (ah that’s who!). The card featured Ghost-Busters themed image of Boris Johnson. It sure does leave a haunting image on the retinas and it is not a card that I will be displaying on the mantlepiece.

It was my first time seeing The Kunts since they formed a punk band. I wasn’t disappointed, they were magnificent. Kunt was stood up the front shouting to an enthralled crowd about Travel Lodges and Brexit, while his entourage wove in some pure punk pazazz. The sound was really nice and if they didn’t have hilarious lyrics I would listen to them anyway. It was rather elegant to see Rubber Johnny slamming on the bass, while Carsehole twiddled and tweaked his guitar and Fucksticks, on the drums, brought up the rear. It’s still a comedy act but now it’s a comedy punk musical. If they chucked in some dance moves and tap shoes I’m sure they could go for Broadway.

The Kunts played a bunch of old classics and had a few new ones thrown into the mix. I have to say that ‘Polaroid’ was one of my faves, I felt eerily like I was watching the Kaiser Chiefs for a minute. Kunt had a lot of fun with the crowd and it was a seriously enjoyable gig. A proper one, full of shouting, dancing, laughing and beer. They finished off the night with their punt for Christmas number one this year, ‘Boris Joshnson is Still a ***** ****’. Everyone knew the words, we all sang and it felt like a Christmas party – or union meeting. For a split second, the last few years were laid to rest as we all breathed a loud sigh of relief for finally admitting what everyone in the world knows but is just too fed up to do anything about. The queue for merch at the end reached the back of the room and I wasn’t at all surprised. The Kunts fans were out in force and solidarity, because they all agree on one thing. Boris Johnson is still a ****** ****.

It’s more than just a song, or a launch at Christmas number one. It’s a message and one we can send straight to BJ himself. So, check it out, download it and stream it as much as you can if you feel the sentiment rings at all true with you. There is something for everyone to enjoy with over seven remixes and tracks to download, stream and listen to on repeat until we hear the final verdict. Details of how to create the most impact here.

Find out more about the Christmas Number One Charts here.

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Review by Jess Milner
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