Naturally, within this fast-paced, hectic world, there is ever more demand for creative sources of relaxation, away from the frustrating stresses throughout our everyday lives.  As such, calming music that inspires the soul is becoming an increasingly valuable aspect for many people. Fortunately, being an extremely talented musician and composer, Fabrizio Brugnera adeptly fills the role of supplying such necessary calm to the material world around him, as his recent single release, ‘Blót’ ably demonstrates. I was lucky enough to catch up with Fabrizio and interview him for Joyzine to ask him about the release of his single and also his music in general. 

Hello Fabrizio and many thanks for this interview with Joyzine. Can you start by telling our readers a little about yourself and your musical background?

Fabrizio: Hello Joyzine! I had a formal training in classical guitar although I also studied electric and acoustic guitar, electric bass and composition, I graduated in Italy at the Institute of High Music Education “G. Briccialdi” in 2005. Afterwards I gained work experience in teaching, in private and municipal music schools, in the following subjects: classical, electric and acoustic guitar, music theory, harmony, history of music. Starting from 2010 I began to work also as a composer and sound designer, making the soundtracks of short film, advertisings and documentaries. In 2016 I took a bold decision, which was leaving my teaching career behind after moving to Scotland and focusing on music production. I’ve released several compositions since then, exploring different genres of music that stand apart from each other stylistically. Since 2020 I also had the pleasure of collaborating with musicians from England, Italy and Serbia releasing singles and EPs.

Can you tell us about your recent single release, ‘Blót’ and how the idea for its conception came about?

Fabrizio: I usually have a very clear idea of what kind of sounds will be reflected in the composition, like the music themes that, in this case, were already defined in my mind. I started composing the percussion first, as I wanted to create something simple and hypnotic. I already had the idea to develop the music to emotionally prepare for its later dramatic development, so I didn’t want to create distracting rhythmic streams. What I didn’t know yet is that the track was developing in a Nordic Folk Music sound and that’s when I had the idea of naming it “Blót” – meant as “sacrifice” – and using it as a metaphor to raise awareness of the environment. Once I have a specific idea about the story that I want to tell, composing its “soundtrack” is pretty straightforward.

I asked Fabrizio about his earliest memories of music and his personal musical inspirations from earlier years and today.

Fabrizio: I was in constant contact with music since I was a child as both my grandfather and my mother had a classical music training, and my father is a great lover of music. I’ve been definitely influenced by either the classical side and the constant listening to my father’s vinyl  collection, packed with records with a mix of genres from the 1970s and 1980s, so it’s difficult to say what my earliest musical influences are precisely. However, there are two names that cross my mind, namely Pink Floyd and Mike Oldfield. Their music remained in my mind and they continue to inspire me.

Many thanks, Fabrizio. Can you tell us what future inspirations and plans are stored within your creative mind?

Fabrizio: I already have several releases planned for 2022, consisting of at least two collaborative albums and a series of singles. I’m also currently working on different albums that I would like to release between the end of next year and 2023. Plus, I’m considering releasing some compositions purely for classical guitar as it’s my main field of study. I have never released any composition for solo guitar so far. Additionally, I wouldn’t mind composing music for films and video games in the future.

Listening to Fabrizio’s growing catalogue of music releases, it’s hard not to be impressed by both the quantity and quality of his compositions, of which ‘Blót’ is a beautiful example. The track starts with a lone drum and slowly builds up with subtle percussive elements , surrounding a swelling synth pad that builds up nicely. As each musical layer grows to a crescendo, we are treated to a divine female voice; once that summons up images of an ancient Nordic energy and vitality. The YouTube video that Fabrizio has created adds to the dramatic sense of nature and damaging environmental issues to our fragile world and ecostructure. Fabrizio has also created a second part to this single, entitled, ‘Blót – Ritual Version’ (four minutes and twenty-four seconds in length) which is more folk-centred and vocalistic.

Fabrizio’s music is delightfully thoughtful and it’s clear to observe his intense passion for whatever he creates. Definitely someone to keep an eye on as his musical career develops and grows with time.

‘Blót’ is available now via Bandcamp

Find out more about Fabrizio Brugnera on his official website

Review by Kevin Milsom

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