LOBSTERBOMB have just released their single ‘Sense’, a DIY recording made at the end of 2021, and it’s a clattering garage punk belter. Review sites like Joyzine get high volumes of submissions from PR companies, record labels and bands self-publishing , all attempting to catch your eye with pithy subject lines. But when a name like LOBSTERBOMB drops into the inbox you cross your fingers and hope that the music matches up to the name. That was definitely the case with Berlin’s LOBSTERBOMB.

This is not a delicate teacup of a track, it’s a bull in China shop from the start. Insistent power chords from Nico Rosch and Crayon Jones, battering drums from Vik Chi and Nico’s urgent shout-sing vocals: “Disasteraholic. Runs on personal logic. Random artefact hoarder. Finding sense in disorder. Little drawer full of colours. Chaos labelled and numbered. Check insanity index”. ‘Sense’ crackles with energy and is bursting with blunt production that’s more sledgehammer than scalpel. Then halfway through the band double time it, with Crayon Jones leading repeated chant of “You know what’s what” and it’s like a headlong dash down a steep hill where you lose control of your legs and can’t stop running faster and faster.

LOBSTERBOMB are Nico Rosch (vocals/guitar), Vik Chi (drums) and Crayon Jones (guitar/vocals) and below I have also included the video for ‘Yes Yes Yeah’ another bombastic track from the band.

A note on band names. If you decide to call yourself ‘Cat Video’, ‘Epic Fails’ or ‘Weather’ (one of the top searched terms) then prefer for your band to be buried on page 1,365,478 of Google, but call yourselves LOBSTERBOMB and you can guarantee to dominate the first page of any search engine.

LOBSTERBOMB socials: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Tik Tok | YouTube

Review by Paul F Cook

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