Album Premiere + Track by Track: NYC post-punks Catcher share their debut LP ‘The Fat Of A Broken Heart’

At the back end of last year we were thrilled by Brooklyn-based post-punks Catcher‘s track ‘Comparing Saviors Friends’, prompting us to procalim it “a frentic, rampaging track that draws on their home city’s rich post-punk heritage along with echoes of their UK peers” – since then they’ve picked up similarly exuberant praise from the likes of Brooklyn Vegan, Clash and NME. This week they release their debut album The Fat of a Broken Heart and it more than lives up to the high expectations set by the single.

We’re delighted to bring you a first chance to hear the LP in full, along with a track by track guide by the band.

A Good Man
First track on the album, but the last song we actually wrote before recording. We started this one while on tour and finished writing it about a week before we recorded the album.

Hunger started with a drum beat wilson sent as a voice memo, and it came together within like an hour. 

Behind a Bleeding Heart
Jack’s favorite. This was one of the first songs we actually wrote together as a six-piece, and it definitely helped us start to figure out our cohesive sound.

Yesterday’s Favorite
The bass and drums were the first recorded Catcher material back in November 2020, but we rewrote this song endlessly trying to figure out how to make it all work. 

Fallen Stones
Cameron’s favorite. When we were writing this one we wanted delay on the snare so Wilson started just playing a quiet 2nd snare hit to mimic a delay, and people have even asked after shows if we somehow put slapback on the snare for just that one song.

Comparing Saviors and Friends
Loosely inspired by The Power and the Glory by Graham Greene, Wilson had this guitar part for like 6 months before we decided to just give it a go, expecting it to turn out too poppy. After getting done with mixing and mastering it turned out to actually be one of our favorites.

The Skin
Zach says learning and playing this song really made him feel like a part of the band, because it’s so violin forward and focused. 

Only Advice
Another one of the earliest Catcher songs from when Austin and Wilson first moved to New York. Originally titled ‘Feeling of Shame’ 

Cluster Flies
We put the guitar amps in our studio bathroom for this one while we were recording and let Austin loose with an aluminum baking sheet in there, putting it in front of the amps and mics and all that. This is Christian’s favorite song.

Atlas Pissing
Cameron’s E string exploded when we recorded this one. Everytime we play this song, we make it just a little bit faster. How fast can we go?

The Fat of a Broken Heart is released on 18th February

Find out more on Catcher’s official website

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