Dama Scout have just released a new single, ‘emails from suzanne’, which along with previous single ‘dan dan bub’ is taken from their forthcoming album gen wo lai (which means ‘come with me’). The single also comes with a nightmare vision of the office that the band say is “a short documentary exploring the death of the office, the nature of emerging flexible work environments and the relationship between labour and the millennial condition of perpetual adolescence“.

‘dan dan bub’ had a twisted sweetness to it which brought in unsettling elements; like the feeling that something is lurking in the dark corners. However, ‘emails from suzanne’ is a thunderous assault from deep within the depths of the underworld. It feels like going for a ride in a car with no brakes during an earthquake. And yet singer Eva Liu manages to weave a sweet tune that is reminiscent of ‘I Know What Boys Like’ by the Waitresses but with her wonderful style of off-hand-lullaby.

The video is the office party of your nightmares with Satan himself in front of a bank of monitors while presiding over a table tennis table and unleashing a tempest of coloured ping pong balls at his demonic employees. This is exactly what I imagine getting an admin job in Hell would look like.

Dama Scout are vocalist/guitarist Eva Liu, bassist Luciano Rossi and drummer Danny Grant and the album gen wo lai is released April 22. Pre-order from Bandcamp

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Review by Paul F Cook

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