The Mary Veils recently announced their next album Esoteric Hex which is released March 25 and the title track is the last single release before their fuzz meteor crashes to Earth. If you like the methodical rage of guitar distortion and bass in lockstep with hypnotic vocals skimming like a stone over a gritty wash, then, my friend, you are in for a treat. Joyzine has been given the singular privilege of premiering the track:

Brian Vonn Uff from the band explains where the album title came from: “The band and I moved to my old studio space in these historic mills from the 1600’s that the Swedes built. The idea for the album and name came to me while in this space. When I was younger my friend lived on Mill Street and there was an older woman who would collect animal bones and claimed to be a witch. She told us she put a hex on us for climbing in her tree. Since our music isn’t for everyone and we are forever cursed…or not, we named the song and album esoteric hex. This song came together to us on Mill Street in this space. It has a very hypnotic spell like vibe and it fit perfect.

Once again Stockholm-based label PNKSLM prove they have the crystal balls to see into the future of fuzz and bring us some of the best music around. Esoteric Hex is released on 25 March and, if you’re quick, you can still snap up one of the PNKSLM Limited Edition 12” marble vinyl versions.

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Review by Paul F Cook

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