Musician Ellie James has been through a transformation, having previously recorded under the name Little Rêd. ‘Uncomfortable’ is the first release under her given name and it’s a slow build from simple guitar chords and Ellie’s voice which start together with the great opening lines: “I been feeling like, a whisper in the night, a passing thought that you won’t write down”.

You can stream the single on all the usual platforms but Ellie has also made a video which has been filmed and edited by Clump Collective and features a resigned Ellie James standing in a lift while lift passengers come and go: a mother and baby, a businessman, a jogger, a junk food snacker, an amorous couple and even a ghost, who all come and go without paying any attention to her.

The song and video seem to represent the inner voice that tells you to act rationally, or tries to ‘should you’ into doing the things that would improve your life, but we all have trouble listening to. And while this inner dialogue chatters away you are jostled and buffeted by life going on around you. It’s beguiling and wistful and Ellie James’ voice holds your attention throughout with its strength and clarity with just a hint of vibrato.

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Uncomfortable – Lyrics:

I’ve been feeling like a whisper in the night

A passing thought that you won’t write down

I should start to read, find a little peace

I should start to feel at home now

Calm down

Calm down

I’ve got work to do but I’ve got nothing new

Every word tastes stale on my tongue

I should spit them out but I don’t wanna shout

I don’t wanna make you feel uncomfortable

I should calm down

I should calm down

I should calm down

I should calm down

I should start to read, I should get more sleep

I should write some songs that aren’t about my self esteem

I should tell you that I love you more than I already do

I should understand you better, I should understand you

Review by Paul F Cook

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