Track Premiere: Oldboy – Wow

Oldboy‘s new single ‘Wow’ is a blast of grungey, surfy, noisy garage pop goodness that spends 3 minutes and 20 seconds building itself up from a deep motorik bass rumble to a runaway guitar solo via a thumping chorus chug and some nifty post-punk guitars before screeching to a juddering halt with a collision of multiverse sized riffs. It’s raw and catchy and throws in great big meaty handfuls of late 80s/early 90s US hardcore and protogrunge, along with a generous sprinkling of the massive psych guitar punch of modern day proponents such as The Osees (or however they’re spelling themselves these days).

It’s a tantalising glimpse of what’s concealed within their forthcoming debut LP Bloody, which is due for release on 1st July via Agitated Records and we’re delighted to give you a first chance to hear it today on Joyzine.

And if that little snifter has piqued your interest you might also want to check out the ace video for previous single ‘Big Balls’.

The debut album Bloody is out on 1st July via Agitated Records.

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Article by Paul Maps

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