Album Premiere: Your first chance to hear Lost Cat’s debut LP

L.A. garage rock trio Lost Cat release their self-titled debut album this week via Lollipop Records and we’re delighted to bring you the first chance to hear it in full here on Joyzine today.

From the opening guitar blast of band theme tune ‘L.O.S.T’ to the wailing harmonica of album closer ‘Losers Beware’, it’s a retro punk thrill-ride, all fuzzed up guitars, runaway rhythms and girl gang vocals.

“It all started with our love for music,” say Kiki and Angie. “We’ve always wanted to quit our jobs and be able to write and play full time.”

It’s an album that wears its vintage influences on its sleeve, both in sound and aesthetic, but the attitude and energy they pack into every song keeps it feeling fresh. “For this album, we were heavily influenced by ’77 punk, 60s garage, and girl groups,” they explain. “When Angie joined the band, we’d get together a lot to write, show each other songs we’ve been working on, bounce ideas, and then record a rough demo of whatever song we were excited about at that moment. It wasn’t until we met Lucy we were able to be a real band and start gigging.”

The album is joined by a wonderful series of videos for its singles ‘L.O.S.T‘, ‘Bitch Fight‘ and ‘Losers Beware‘. “With this album, we’ve always written with the idea that we’d like our music to fit into a Quentin Tarantino film. We’ve always had this alter ego “The Lipstick Bandits” (for obvious reasons). We had a lot of elaborate ideas for the videos  and we were able to refine and build out the storyboard with our prolific team Fred, Kourosh, and Iggy. We wanted the videos to have that kitschy, spaghetti western, danger five, beat-club style about them and they really did just that!”

Check out the album in full below ahead of its release on Friday.

Lost Cat is out on 27th May via Lollipop Records

Find out more on Lost Cat’s official website

Article by Paul Maps

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