Live Review: Nuha Ruby Ra at Band On The Wall, Manchester

Londoner Nuha Ruby Ra ventures north supporting Yard Act and touring her 2021 EP How to Move

Band on The Wall is relatively quiet when Nuha takes to the stage but fear not, it doesn’t last long. Like the hero in the western you’ve always dreamed of, Nuha Ruby Ra emerges from the dark toting two mics like revolvers and starts firing truth bullets on a largely unsuspecting audience. 

If you’re after some daring, innovative and at times guttural sounds then this may be the artist for you. Underneath the drama there is clever humour and a properly honest story teller. 

During Nuha’s performance of last year’s single ‘Sparky’ a couple of superfans behind me chant ‘run your fingers through my hair, through my hair. Get your words out my head, out of my head’. It’s a catchy number and timing is everything. ‘I know you love it when I come… round’. 

New single ‘My Voice’, released on Brace Yourself Records sounds hypnotic and superb. Check out the video on you tube.

Nuha Ruby Ra favourite (according to an interview I read) ‘Run Run’ feels like pain condensed into a tune and hits hard live. 

At one point Nuha ventures off the stage and into the middle of the crowd, getting up close and personal with the punters. And me. I loved it. 

A quick stalk on instagram after the gig reveals Nuha had a big birthday recently and as she reflects ‘…I promised myself every year I get older I’ll give less fucks than the year before, be more outlandish, have even less time for dickheads, do the more fun option than the year before, judge myself even less…I’m on it!’ 

You are indeed. Keep firing those truths.

Nuha Ruby Ra’s new single ‘My Voice’ is available on all streaming platforms. 

Find out more on Nuha Ruby Ra’s official website

Review and photography by Breige Cobane

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