Glasgow outfit Baby Strange release their second album World Below on 17th June via Icons Creating Evil Art (ICEA).

If Ridley Scott made a film about the current class divide, scourge of food banks and the political chaos we find ourselves in, this would be the soundtrack.

Title track ‘World Below’ is an atmospheric and promising opener with deadpan lyrics about burning down an art school. I’m interested…

‘Beating in Time’ is a lively track and one I could see going down very well at a gig, while in ‘Under the Surface’ the guitar is king.

‘Only Feel It When I’m With You’ is the band’s most recent single and features vocals from Hayley Mary of Australian band The Jezabels. ‘Is this what you paid for? I can see the look in your eye.

‘When It Calls’ provides the cool driving scene music for our imaginary film, and ‘Higher’ provides some surprising glam rock undertones: ‘It gets too much when you feel the rush, you’re on it, I get it.

‘0141’ and ‘I Feel So Cold But It’s Warm Outside’ deliver the angst with the latter’s unsettling tempo changes adding to the vision of ‘running and screaming in a multiplex‘.

The album ends on quite frankly a banger with ‘Midnight’ and the video confirms that Ridley Scott’s film is in train…

World Below is released on Icons Creating Evil Art, 17th June 2022. Baby Strange tour the UK in September. Check out tour dates at

Article by Breige Cobane

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