The Wake is a short movie directed by Luis Gerard that follows the story of a 15-year-old boy, his deaf younger brother and their family-run business. The film stars Emmy winner Isaac Kragten (Luckiest Girl Alive) and introduces deaf actor Zander Colbelk-Bhola, Robert Fulton (Murdoch Mysteries), and two-time Gemini Award winner Patty Sullivan.

Luis Gerard is a producer, writer, and director. He graduated from the University of Puerto Rico, where he started making films. His first film, ‘QUE SERA’, was in the official selection of the prestigious Venice Film Festival and his second short, ‘ABSOLUTION’, was selected at The Sitges Film Festival. He recently directed the second unit for ‘Hustle’, which is a basketball drama with Adam Sandler as leading character. ‘Hustle’ was produced by Netflix and released in June 2022.

Walter Carpenter is a 15-year-old who has been surrounded all his life with death. “A restless 15-year-old has spent his life surrounded by death, raised in his parents’ funeral business in “small town USA.” He views his alcoholic father as profiting from the dead. While a wake is held in his parents’ funeral home, he breaks into the deceased’s house, counting on it being empty. In his view, the dead no longer needs what he pockets. He recruits his deaf-mute younger brother to join him in his robberies, unaware of what the consequences may be.”.

Walter resembles the picture of every teenager, struggling with finding his own persona, getting into trouble because of his impulsive actions, and being in constant fights with his parents. He has his young brother as a comrade, Martin, who supports him even when he should not. Martin, in this scenario, is a victim of the manipulation of his older brother, while Walter is trying to find his strength by controlling someone who has not the same amount of discernment as he does.

I have personally enjoyed this short movie’s plot twist, which has a strong message, as it reflects the consequences of our actions and how they can hurt the people around us.

The Wake is the third short film directed by Luis Gerard, a proof of concept for a feature film that is currently in development. He is preparing his first film, ‘WHERE ONLY THE DEVILS DARE’, which he wrote and plans to go into production this year.

The movie recently got selected for the Oscar-qualifying Cleveland International Film Festival, won the Jury Award at the Thomas Edison Film Festival, and was selected at Blackbird Film Festival.

The stunning cinematography was created by Christopher Mably (Star Trek Discovery), who is also the film’s executive producer. Along with Christopher, Josias Tapia (She’s Gotta Have It) joins Mably as EP. ‘THE WAKE’ was expertly crafted by Adam Schwartz and the beautiful music by Jay Wadley.

You can see a trailer for the film on Luis Gerard’s website

Review by Lorena Cristea

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