Leg Puppy, the self-proclaimed “biggest band in the world called Leg Puppy” are back with their cover version of the classic hit ‘Warm Leatherette’. It was originally written in 1978 by Daniel Miller as The Normal with lyrics inspired by J.G. Ballard’s novel Crash. It hails from the early days of industrial synth-pop and has a brutally sparse arrangement and flat vocal delivery whereas the most widely known version comes from Grace Jones in 1980 with its fuel injected reggae feel courtesy of production/musical giants Sly and Robbie.

So, if you’re going to tackle this track you had better not fumble the ball and Leg Puppy don’t disappoint. They take it back to the dystopian industrial feel of the original but beef up the low end enough to rattle the brackets of a nightclub’s speakers. This leatherette isn’t just warm, it’s so darned hot it should only be listened to after the watershed.

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Review by Paul F Cook

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