I love how writing for Joyzine introduces me to so much music, some brand new but lots not really new, I just had never heard before. After a while away from writing and reviewing music, the buzz is back, especially when you get to review albums as awesome as this one.

Petrol Girls is another one of the bands that are new to me but not really new. As they formed back in 2012 by founding members Ren Aldridge and Liepa Kuraitė, with members Joe York and Zock Astpai joining later. 

The band are feminist and proud, and I’m all for it. With the current climate with the recent Roe V Wade situation, this band and this album couldn’t be more needed. Two of the tracks on the album and subsequently my favourites- ‘Baby, I had an Abortion’ and ‘Fight for Our Lives’ have been released as singles, raising funds for Level up– a feminist organisation who work towards gender justice. I read this after I had listened, and now I love the songs even more. The songs are filled with anger and power, a righteous anger at a system that has too often done the dirty on women.

Petrol Girls aren’t just writing lyrics, they are truly living their ethics. Ren Aldridge wrote an article for Kerrang (I definitely recommend reading the article) magazine about Roe Vs Wade , abortions restrictions across Europe and how we can all do our bit to help women fight this injustice. Also, at a glance of their website, they are in the process of creating a zine about reproductive justice and asking fans for their submissions. The zine will be freely available online but also on sale to raise money for Abortion Without Borders.

The Riot Grrrl Spirit is truly back, the punky emotional vocals, the chaotic sounds, and most importantly the passion, for music but also to fight injustices which is surely what is the most punk of all.

Petrol Girls- ‘Baby’ was released on 24th June via Hassle records

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Article by Hayley Foster da Silva

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