‘Violet State of Mind’ is the new single from Leeds based all female rock band Venus Grrrls. Although I used to present a radio show with just female fronted and all female bands, I am trying to avoid using the terms now to try not to refer to ‘other’ women when we don’t refer to all male rock bands or ‘male fronted’ bands. However I feel like Venus Grrrls would be happy for me to highlight this fact, it proudly states on their website- ‘GRRRL AS F**CK”

Indeed they are out to smash the stereotypes that still continue to exist that women can’t play instruments. On this single, they are simultaneously smashing that stereotype and the patriarchy until it comes crashing down. The music is fast, frantic, and energetic. This single blends rock with a slight poppiness in its catchy chorus ‘Hey,hey hey are you looking at me? Cos my heart beats fast as you walk past, I want to know your name, do you feel the same?” The riot grrrl ethos is still very much alive in this band that have evolved from a pure riot grrrl band to creating their own unique rock based sound they have since developed.

The song is their first release since their 2021 EP ‘Potions’ The band said this about ‘Violet State of Mind’ -“Violet State of Mind’ is the anthem to your hot girl summer, be it spending time with your best mates in the sun, or falling in love with yourself and/or someone else. We want this song to be on your get ready playlists and allow you to reach into those inner deities that we know you are.”

Venus Grrrls are:  GK (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Jess Ayres (lead guitar), Hannah Barraclough (bass), Grace Stubbings (Synth) and Gabby Cooke (drums),They aim to bring fortitude and activism through their music.  

‘Violet State of Mind’ is out now- Bandcamp

Their next gig is a slot at the festival ‘Kendal Calling’ on July 28th

Official Website / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

Review by Hayley Foster da Silva

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