Live Review: Maggie The Cat at The Roadkill Records Weekender – The Victoria, London

“I’ve never killed anyone… but give it time”, smiles Charlotte, aka Maggie The Cat, before launching into her autumnal debut single from last year, ‘I Think Last Night, I Killed A Man‘. Perhaps she’s being tongue-in-cheek, but given that in a parallel universe her second single, ‘I Love You & I’ve Got A Gun‘, is the kind of song that would have smashed into the upper echelons of the Top 40 and made it onto the A-playlist of every radio station from her native south London to Mumbai, it could swing either way.

It’s day three of the Roadkill Records Weekender: the sun is shining on the beer garden as we slide on through to the other side of the all-knowing bookcases of The Victoria and slink into the cool darkness of Maggie The Cat’s dystopian lair of glitter. Fatigue and hangovers may have captured some, but for those mainlining coffee (or Buckfast) and with a hunger for something new, we are duly rewarded with enough catnip to keep us wide-eyed and purring contentedly into the small hours.

Maggie The Cat is the solo project of Charlotte Aggett, whose previous musical outpourings casted mystical shadows within the psychedelic and raucous witch prog world of Madonnatron. In truth, a shy performer – think a young Kim Wilde awkwardly performing ‘Kids In America’ on Top Of The Pops in 1981 – she holds eye contact as if with her reflection bouncing back from the rear of the room. Performing relaxed dance moves barefoot whilst singing sweetly about tearing out hearts with her bare hand, Maggie The Cat is a Tinkerbell bedroom diva character clawing at the stars.

Gracing the stage with a Farrah Fawcett flick and MacBook backing track, Maggie The Cat mixes inspired flashes of disco and mysterious glimpses of synth pop to create a potent cocktail of music from the future. Sharpen those claws, for she knows not her own powers: this is the soundtrack for weekend escapists who lose – and find – themselves on the dancefloor.

Find out more on Maggie The Cat’s Bandcamp page

Review by Mandy Bang (London After Midnite)
Photos by Mark Dans L’Espace

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