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Single Review: YUMI AND THE WEATHER – Can You Tell

Brighton hailing, arms waving, surf-pop tripping, psych aficionados YUMI AND THE WEATHER come storming back with ‘Can You Tell’ the follow-up track to their recent single ‘It’s All in My Head’ in the lead-up to their long-awaited second album.

‘Can You Tell’, which is out now, was played on BBC1 on their Future Artists Show and it went down a treat. This band has had some great airtime lately with BBC6 Music and Radio X and mastered by Keven Tuffy at Alchemy, London.

Fronted by Ruby Taylor with William Woodfine on drums, YUMI AND THE WEATHER (YATW) are a hard-hitting band lyrically, as well as their soft shoe-gaze, sharp synth sounds.

YATW do what few bands too these days. They provide a story to their songs. In 2022 we no longer have CDs with shiny booklets full of illustrated lyrics (and maybe a free poster if we were lucky). Bands have had to ebb away from tangible music. There are fewer interviews, and airtime for bands too. When was the last time you saw a band being interviewed on a TV breakfast show? This has led to a movement of intuitive self-determination when it comes to the meanings behind songs and their lyrics. A sure slide away from fans being able to drink in every piece of information on a band or favourite song – but I guess that’s why you’re here reading JoyZine!

YUMI AND THE WEATHER explain their songs and give reference to specific lyrics (see the bios on their Bandcamp) so there is no miscommunication. It gives a direct link the band, and I love it. It’s straight to the point and honest. This is the song, here’s how it sounds, this is the area of my emotional experience that it comes from – enjoy!

It by no means detracts from the ability to connect on a personal level to the song, it purely gives weight to it. A heart on a plate for fans to inspect, spend time with and relate to.

The bio to ‘Can You Tell’ is deep, “A cautionary tale for the brave … a song about recklessness and regrets” ‘Can you Tell’ becomes instantly layered, more intense, profound even. Check out the full bio here.

If you want to build a rapport with a band, if you’re looking for some friendship and a lyrical pal to while away days with, YATW may have you covered.

‘Can You Tell’ has vibes of Aryia, Gossip, early Blur with a smoosh of Pink Floyd – modernised and smothered in synth. It’s strong, loud, confident and emotive while at the same time it catches you on a merry-go-round of sound that doesn’t give in. Give it a listen.

Their new album ‘It’s All in My Head’ is out on 23rd September 2022 via. Miohmi Records.

YUMI AND THE WEATHER also have upcoming live dates in Manchester (2nd) and Birmingham (3rd) September.

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