Below is a short interview with White Devil Disco. Mainly with front man Joe. They are from South London. They are a band that really mix a bit of sleazy with a bit of Leonard Cohen, some Gary Numan and Psychedelic Furs. They are a band that we should all be watching, and, indeed be listening to. There are no trust funds here, just good, honest to goodness gritty nastiness. Here is what we asked and this is what they said.

1: Tell me about the name. It is a great name but why?
My grandma called us it.

2: Your guitar playing is great Joe, why do you chose to play the bass out front?
Aww thanks babes. Bass is the best, playing with rhythms is much more interesting to me than guitar tbh and the bass always comes first with every song written.

3: Joe, we all know your background in Fat White Family, tell us a little bit about the rest of the band.
Scarlett and I found each other in the gutter outside an off-license in Dalston, our lives have been richer ever since, Samuel Fez is a master class producer and has lifted WDD into the realms of sonic obedience, Daniel Hand is fresh off the boat and hungry for adventure.

4: Lias described you as the biggest wrecker in the Fat White Family, do you feel you have calmed down now?
I don’t believe that to be true nor will I calm down.

5: I am excited to see you live for the first time on the 17th August at the Moth Club with Insecure Men. How did that come about?
We’ve been planning this show for 18 years, only just started doing promotion for it.

6: Tell us a bit more about your club night at the Windmill. It has changed so much. I was playing there 4 roof dogs ago.
Yes I remember that dog also, it’s the best night to get your rocks off and absorb some new sounds from the south London scene.

7: ‘Dog‘ is great, there is something very Gary Numan about it. We share a love of dark 80s. What are your main influences from that period?
Billy Idol, Laibach, Tom Jones and the Sugarbabes.

8: Tell us something we don’t know about WDD.
Me and Scarlett are cousins.

9: What is next?
Rising sea levels and a lot more from WDD.

10: Who, if anyone, do you feel are your contemporaries; who else should we be listening to?
Situationist Moon Unit and Joanie M have new stuff dropping soon watch out for them.

11. What has been the highlight of your musical career?
Every new song written and every show better than the last is a highlight. That and knocking out Saul Adamczewski’s teeth.

12. What has been the most amusing lowlight?
‘Ten Thousand Apologies’ by Lias Saoudi.

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Interview by Jim Rhesus
Photography by Lou Smith

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