Reckling are grungy garage-punk band made up from members of FIDLAR, Together Pangea and Paramore/HalfNoise. They came together united by frontwoman, and sole songwriter for the band; Kelsey Reckling, back in 2018.

In four short years, they have released one album, a couple of singles and shortly, ‘Human Nature’ a four-track EP out 22nd August 2022.

‘In My Hair’ is Nirvana meets Rancid, while Kelsey’s voice balances the frequencies. It’s fast, and slow. It’s loud and melancholic – it’s a zest of late 80’s/90’s grunge with a kind of pop-punk rattling up the core. It’s the kind of track that you follow a friend’s Spotify playlist for.

The lyrics sound like a story of unrequited love, emotion versus logic, second guesses and pain. That feeling when something (or someone) is in your hair and you’re trying to figure out what it is, where it is and generally wondering how on earth it got so tangled up in there. ‘Imaginary torn’ rings out at the end like a cake frosting ode to anxiety.

‘In My Hair’ is the second track on a 4 track EP. An EP that is clearly designed to slot together and take you on a little journey into the Reckling world, inclusive of some pop-punk esq d-beat on track three (written by Bad Brains) and the beautiful ‘Verbalize’.

But I’ll let you go find out for yourselves here.

Reckling: Bandcamp / Website / Facebook / Instagram

Article By Jess Milner
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