Strangerz are a pretty new, female-fronted, great band. They reminded me of Delta 5, though they aren’t totally post-punk. Front woman, Martha brought a super energy to the stage and the crowd was invested. She’s one of those singers who is able to alter the energy of a crowd like changing the tempo of a record. The whole band was great, they gel well and you can tell they love what they do. Tom, twin to Martha was on guitar, Shannon on drums and Will on bass. They played a bunch of songs including ‘No Chance’, ‘Shut Up’, a song about when someone won’t stop talking to you and you just want to scream at them to shut up. The pure enthusiasm from them was catching, total riot.

If you want to get to know them better, check out ‘Shut Up’ and ‘Straight Gay Brother’ here or you could have a go at the Strangerz online quiz, it lets you know which band member you are and… in case anyone wants to know – I got Martha haha!

Slash Fiction

Slash Fiction was up next, and I was blown away by some of their songs. What was amazing is the scope of different styles they fitted into that set. The band worked as one, merging and pulling away like a lava lamp of shared talent. Their songs ranged from second-wave emo to pop-punk and everything in between. I felt at points like I was watching a choir. Their song ‘The Light House’ which they introduced as their lighter song hit me right in the feels it really was beautiful, I turned to look at the crowd during it. There was a kind of magic in the room. They had the whole crowd silently mesmerised hanging onto their every word. Let’s just say that Slash Fiction absolutely know how to pull off a lighter song, Oasis ain’t got nothing on them.

Check them out here.

It was a supreme night all round and the bands worked as perfect harmony highlighting each other which is something that always gives a gig something extra. The two support bands suited Fresh’s vibe entirely and made the headliner glow which was lovely.


The room was packed out for Fresh. The crowd was super excited, Fresh’s first gig was at Manchester Punk Festival, I’d bet a tenner that that room was 99% full of long-time fans. Fresh formed in London back in 2015 and since then have had a bunch of successes including being featured in Kerrang and on ABC News. Front woman, Katherine Woods made everyone feel welcomed, respected and loved as she took to the stage.

The set was a conversation as much as a gig. The room knew every lyric, and it felt like you just knew that this band was gonna get bigger and bigger. I feel like the next time I see them will be at some massive festival or venue and I’ll smile and remember that night in Gulliver’s. Kathrine’s love of what she does was infectious and their third song ‘Get Bent’ brought a roar from the audience that made the floor move, ‘Brighton’, ‘Girl Don’t’ and ‘Why Do I?’ were all great moments. It was a great gig full of friendly, fun people united in loving their favourite band.

Fresh are on tour at the mo’, with two dates left in London and Brighton, check it out.

Their new album ‘Raise Hell’ came out in July, listen for yourself here.

Fresh: Website / Bandcamp / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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