TVOD are a band forged in the confines of lockdown by lead vocalist and songwriter Tyler Wright and their first release was 2021’s Victory Garden, a psyched-out collection of 8 tracks dripping with the kinds of edgy riffs and catchy hooks that would have you bouncing around at a gig lost in a joyous but gritty reverie. Then came early 2022’s ‘Steady Crushin’ featuring Chauncie Shamoni which lurks in smoky corners and has the woozy feel of the Beach Boys on the wrong speed.

Now they are back with a new single and TVOD have given Joyzine the singular honour of premiering ‘Alien’. It’s a driving mix of dreamy vocals with a relentless riff lurking underneath hyperactive drums and wall-of-sound chords. It’s almost operatic across its 5+ minutes as it builds to a mid-point before slowing down like a steam train low on coal before finding a second wind to speed up and ultimately send the train tumbling off the tracks to break apart in a tangle of instruments and howling passengers.

Tyler Wright says he came up with the song “while sitting on the floor of my practice space feeling sorry for myself. I was having a lot of feelings of self-doubt and jealousy at the time and for some reason I could not stop painting this mental image that there was a little envious Martian man slowly eating my brain and trying to take over my life. It’s amazing what some painful emotions and a couple catchy guitar riffs can become.”

TVOD are just about to embark on a North American Tour (see dates here) but hopefully they’ll make it across to the UK in the near future so we can all lose ourselves in their fuzzed-up warm embrace.

TVOD Socials: Website | Instagram | Facebook | Bandcamp | YouTube | TikTok

Review by Paul F Cook

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