Released on 14th October 2022 by Blowtorch Records, ‘Transmit a Little Heaven’ is the debut EP from Belfast based shoegaze band ‘Virgins‘ and the latest offering from Michael Smyth, previously of alternative rockers ‘Paper Tigers‘.

What even is shoegaze anyway?‘ I hear you cry. Wikipedia says: ‘Shoegaze is a subgenre of indie and alternative rock characterised by its ethereal mixture of obscured vocals, guitar distortion and effects, feedback and overwhelming volume.

Within this five track EP we get exactly that, so play it loud folks. ‘Signalling’ opens the show with an extremely harmonious offering. No single element of the track takes up too much space and the otherworldly vocals are allowed to drift along in a very pleasing way. I get lost in my own thoughts and am sad when its over.

‘Yearn’ is delightful. Finally, after being a lifelong Pearl Jam fan, a new band where I can make up my own lyrics. This track has a slightly more pop sound with a fantastic crashing chorus.

‘Vows’ treats us to a 17 second intro and plays with some quieter moments too. Visions of cruising along a coastal highway in an open-top abound. Virgins, get thee to the Atlantic Way with a drone operator pronto!

Title track ‘Transmit a Little Heaven’ cements my need to see this band when they play Manchester in November.

The EP finishes with ‘Golden Tongues, Silver Lips’, a track with a faster pace than the rest and some excellent tempo changes, this is made for the dancers and mosh pit enthusiasts (do shoegaze bands have mosh pits?). Well whatever, see you there!!

‘Transmit a Little Heaven’ is released on Friday 14th October on a limited pressing of 200 pink vinyl https://bandofvirgins.bandcamp.com

UK tour dates:

Nov 16th Jacaranda Club, Liverpool

Nov 17th Sidney and Matilda, Sheffield

Nov 18th Santiagos, Leeds

Nov 19th Spinning Top, Manchester

Nov 20th Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh

Nov 21st 13th Note Glasgow

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Review by Breige Cobane

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