Released earlier this month by Lights and Lines, Emilie Lierre’s debut acoustic album ‘The Wanderer’ introduces us to a unique and deeply soulful voice, accompanied simply by a ukulele.

Opening track ‘Walk Alone’ instantly makes this album stand out at a time when it feels like many voices are starting to merge. “People come into your life for a reason but not everyone’s meant to stay and walk beside you, sometimes we’ve gotta walk alone.” This album seems to be an exercise in getting to grips with that idea.

‘Extraordinary’ tells the story of an unrequited love but instead of exploring the pain, offers a fabulous two fingered salute. “I’ve been struggling with my inner demons, telling me how to feel…

‘Out Here Tonight’ treats us to some soaring vocals alongside that tuneful ukulele and all that character in Emilie’s voice comes to the fore. “Goodbye Love’ has a long, gentle intro before kicking in to become a much bigger track. “‘Cause I’m looking for something, if you’re willing to fight the cause…

Out of the eight tracks on the album however, ‘You’ is the one that stands out for me. I’ve known Emilie for a while and seen her play a few gigs. I have no idea where this track has been hiding. It is raw, honest and paints a picture in a way not many songs achieve. It is quite simply beautiful.

I get the feeling Emilie has released a few demons alongside this album and I’m very intrigued to see where she wanders to next.

p.s. The album cover isn’t too shabby either, even if I do say so myself ; )

Emilie Lierre – The Wanderer is out now on CD through Bandcamp, and streaming everywhere.

Review and album photography by Breige Cobane

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