Album Review: Nervous Twitch- Some People Never Change

Some People Never Change is the fourth studio album from Leeds based trio Nervous Twitch, and is yet another band I have discovered oh so late. But I’m happy I have discovered them now, as this album is a relatable delight with definite riot grrrl undertones at its heart.

For me, this album grew on me more with each listen. I felt like some of the lyrics could have pulled straight out from some of my journals over the years. For instance, the song ‘Don’t Be Mean’ which seems to be on some level about being bullied, or ‘If You Don’t Wanna Know’ about someone not wanting to know you, and you defiantly declaring “then I’m happy on my own”. Something about the songs felt deep and personal to me, which made it feel like the band could be your friends.

The music itself is a blend of less angry riot grrrl, alternative rock and pop punk. Mostly Some People Never Change takes a more upbeat pace, with plenty of guitars- particularly on my personal favourite track “We Don’t Care” with its punky intro. However later in the album, the songs get more stripped down, particularly on ballad “This Mad at the World’. There’s something for all moods here.

Some People Never Change was released 7th October on Reckless Yes Records

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Review by Hayley Foster da Silva

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