Video: Joyzine Editor Paul Maps takes Blang Records on a tour of New Cross music venues past & present

The lovely people at Blang Records asked me to appear as a guest on their excellent Blanguished: Adventures In Outsider Music Youtube series (check out all of the episodes here), so I took La and Beth on a tour of music venues past in present in New Cross and Deptford, the area of South London where many of Joyzine’s formative moments have taken place and chatted about gigs (both triumphant and disastrous), friendships formed, the importance of grass roots venues and what on earth has possessed me to keep doing this for the best part of 20 years.

Find out more about Blang Records on their official website

Introduction by Paul Maps
Photo of Paul Maps photographing Bloc Party at The Paradise Bar in 2003 by Caffy St Luce

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