Following their 2019 EP “Extended Play”, Berlin based duo Bad Hammer release their debut album “End Of An Age”. The album’s title is inspired by photographer Paul Graham and his photobook of the same name.

Bad Hammer (Lisa Klinkhammer and Johannes Badzura) say, “thematically the songs that make up End of an Age are connected by referring to a state of being on hold, undetermined, between looking forwards and back, holding on to something and anticipating change.”

Opener “Everyday” introduces us to the heavy, melancholic and apparently red wine fuelled shadow-pop sound. Interesting video too.

“Call Me” is an instant winner with me. I love this stuff. It’s that dream pop feel but with something much more serious. Like Kate Bush joined Cannons.

“Interlude (Moonlight Shadow)” is a hypnotic track. You will start listening and then suddenly it’s over and you’re not quite sure what happened. But in a very good way. You’ll listen again.

“River” flows along just as it should, there is an aqueous quality I enjoy very much. How have they done it? The album ends with the fitting “American Themes” and the deep, soothing vocals of Johannes.

Paul Graham talks about his End Of An Age work as documenting the transition from childhood to adulthood and all those new feelings as well as changes in how the world is viewed. This is a very fitting musical accompaniment.

Bad Hammer’s End Of An Age is released digitally, on vinyl and cassette on November 25th via Italian Island. 

Review by Breige Cobane

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