Album Review: Deux Furieuses- Songs from Planet Earth

Songs from Planet Earth is the third album from feminist political pioneers Deux Furieuses.

I have personally been following this band for quite some time now, having worked with them several times in the past in my previous life as a radio presenter. Back then they had a different name, and were an amazing rock n roll band. Now they are still an amazing rock n roll band but grown up, and not afraid to use their music as a platform to speak up about causes they care about. Their sound has refined and only grown stronger and more passionate.

I have been listening to this album virtually non stop the last few weeks and I am still finding more depth the more I listen. Some of the songs that didn’t speak to me to begin with have grown on me the more I’ve listened. If you love pure rock n roll then you will love Songs from Planet Earth. Songs like ‘Our Tribe’ are designed for a full on rock out. But then there are some slightly quieter moments that are just pure magic. Normally my favourite songs on albums do tend to be the wilder, faster tracks but on this album, my personal standout track is ‘Be Water’. ‘Be Water’ somehow has a tune that actually somehow feels like how water would sound if it was music. 

Passion, anger and strength are the backbone of this album. Single ‘Know the Score’ touches on the important issue of violence to women and ‘Bring Down the Government’ is pretty self explanatory. However this is also hope in single “Our Day will Come” and support in ‘Our Tribe.” I love how their anger is expressed in passion rather than profanity.

You can buy ‘Songs from Planet Earth’ now from Bandcamp via Extra Mile Recordings and if you would like to see this tour de force live, you can catch Deux Furieuses on Fri 9th Dec at The Grace in London supporting Pet Needs.

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Review by Hayley Foster da Silva

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