EP Review: Joan of Arkansas- Doom Wop

Doomwop is the third EP from Arizona based five piece Joan of Arkansas. None of the members are called Joan, and none of them are from Arkansas, but they do claim to have formed through the use of Tinder and Craigslist. 

This is a really fun 3 track EP that crosses genres, the band themselves describe the EP as ‘weird’ and ‘uglied up’ motown and doowop.. For me, there was definitely a 60’s motown vibe, but also I heard hints of psychobilly style – not unlike The Horrorpops. 

Vocal duties are switched between band members Joshua and Kayla, which continues the pick and mix theme that the band have struck with the hard to pin down genre of their music. The lyrics are tongue in cheek and have a dark humour about them.

This was my first encounter with Joan of Arkansas, and the moment I heard them, they immediately made an impression on me. If this is ‘weird’ music, then I’m very happy to be a weirdo. Let us freaks and weirdos come together and have a boogie, as this EP definitely warrants one!

Doomwop is out now and you can buy the EP on Bandcamp

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Review by Hayley Foster da Silva

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