If you’ve wandered into your local town centre during the course of the last couple of summers, you may have caught a glimpse of Glitchers. They are undoubtedly the noisiest buskers you’ve ever encountered and boast a refreshing anti-capitalist and fuck the Tories manifesto which, given the current political and socioeconomic climate, is hard to dislike. They bring punk to the streets and play unofficial afterparties outside well-attended rock/punk gigs. They explode for ten minutes – during which folks can make a donation and take badges and home-burned CDs – then they’re gone. Sometimes they even manage to bash out a whole four songs before city centre/venue security and the police have a chance to get heavy-handed and intimidating.

They have won the hearts of many bands and musicians during the course of 2022 with their guerrilla-style performances, including Calva Louise with whom they collaborated on charity single, ‘Your Mother Taught You Better Than That‘. Former Gallows guitarist, Steph Carter was so impressed by them, when he happened upon one of their street gigs, that he immediately donated a Marshall amp to their cause. The band also performed brief sets in the car park at the My Chemical Romance reunion concerts this year, with the blessing and encouragement of guitarist, Frank Iero.

With winter upon us and to coincide with the release of their Ctrl Alt Del EP, they have scheduled an extensive ‘inside’ tour and Joyzine were there to capture the chaos in London on Sunday night.

You can catch Glitchers at the following shows throughout December – all of which are on a ‘donations/pay what you can’ entry basis:

9th Milton Keynes – MK Sports Bar
10th Worcester – Circle Of Swords
11th Swansea – The Bunkhouse
15th Peterborough – Here We Aren’t
16th Colchester – Coda
17th Great Yarmouth – Colossal Youth
30th Leicester – Duffy’s
31st Whitchurch – Percy’s Cafe Bar

Follow Glitchers on Facebook / Instagram and check out their music on Bandcamp.

Introduction by Mandy Bang @mandybang
Photos by Mark Dans L’Espace

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