Crash The Super Yacht (CTSY) has surely got to be a contender for one of the best band names ever. Not since I saw Simple Minds supported by Liverpool band Now Is The Time To Forget The Whimpering Child, Become The Warrior (yes, that’s real) has a name promised something I hoped the music could deliver. Fret not, CTSY deliver.

Their three track EP cumfi foam may be slight on time (clocking in only a few iotas over 5 minutes), but it packs a mean three-tiered bento box of goodies and there are operas that offer less drama than the emotional arc on display here. It explodes with the full tilt, overly caffeinated, Cape Canaveral launch of ‘(I’m on drugs and I’m) looking at a foam shop’, then slips into the jagged elbows and prickly Space hopper of ‘Sorry Anne’ before arriving at the title track, ‘Cumfi Foam’, which feels like a come-down track where CTSY have found the foam shop, bought foam and are now enjoying its gentle embrace.

Cumfi foam might be a bare lightbulb in a bare room to some – all scraped knuckles and knees – but to me it’s utterly captivating. The bass-free pummelling and almost giddy brevity of the three tracks is mesmerising. The vocals quiver with bathroom reverberation (see Joe Meek), the guitar and drums are fiercely raw, and yet I can go round and round those 5 minutes and 16 seconds and get a thrill every time.

Band members Katie and Steve are swapping 5 minutes and 16 seconds for 9 months as they take time out to have a baby and I wish them all the best as they pipe the newest crew member of the super yacht aboard.

Crash The Super Yacht socials: Facebook | Instagram | Linktree

NB: I asked for some other suggestions for best band name from friends on social media and got these suggestions:

The Butthole Surfers

Colonel Kilgore’s Vietnamese Formation Surf Team (a strange aquatic connection between those first two)

King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard

The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band

Half Man Half Biscuit

King Salami and The Cumberland Three

Tropical Fuck Storm

Les Négresses Vertes,


Crispy Ambulance

and a very seasonal track from the distressingly named Bathtub Shitter

Review by Paul F Cook

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